If you want to make any pipe bending job easier, servicing and maintenance of your pipe bender are key. These are the simple upgrades you need to know to ensure the best performance from your equipment whether you’re a plumber or a DIY enthusiast.

Follow the service schedule

Taking any equipment out of service is inconvenient, but the proper servicing and maintenance of your pipe bender will prevent costly repairs later. Upgrade to a proper servicing schedule and you’ll spot potential issues before they have a chance to lead to more serious – and expensive – complications later.

Invest in top quality upgrades

If you want to get the best out of your copper pipe bending tool, you need to invest in high-quality upgrades for your bend plates. Poor quality components can result in bends that are crimped and unusable.

Give your pipe bender a premium refurb

However well you look after your tools, sometimes servicing and maintenance of your pipe bender is not enough. A refurbishment using precision turned rollers and screws and a new cast hook stop and bolt can give you years of trouble-free operation and is a simple and cost-effective upgrade.

Buy British

If you really want to make the job easier, buy British. Low-quality foreign imports can’t match the precision craftsmanship of Benditnow pipe bending machines. We supply top-notch items that won’t let you down whether you need a conduit bending machine or a heavy-duty pipe bender. If you’re looking for a British manufactured pipe bending machine, contact us today.