When you’re working with pipes, you will often need to deal with complex architecture. Rather than simple straight pipes, you may need to include a bend to deal with corners or curved walls. In order to do so, you’ll require a pipe bending machine. It’s important to make sure that you have the best available, or you risk the following issues.

Weak or leaky pipes

With anything less than the best copper pipe bender, the security of your plumbing system will be seriously impacted. Cheaper and less effective pipe benders are likely to lead to a greater level of damage to the pipes, which can weaken their structural integrity. Combine this with potentially years of wear and tear, and the pipes could become ruptured, costing a lot more in the long run than if you were to simply purchase a quality copper pipe bending machine in the first place.

Better looking plumbing

Quite often when you use a cheaper copper tube bending machine, less care is given in the bends and you can often end up with a bumpy or unprofessional look to the plumbing. The best pipe benders can smoothly turn the pipe into the shape you need whilst preventing any imperfections, lumps or dents, making sure your work looks the best it possibly can.

The pipe bender wearing out

After a long period of service, cheaper pipe benders will either start to break down, or just won’t do the job as well anymore, worsening the problems previously discussed. If you purchased the highest quality pipe bending machine initially, the higher quality parts would allow it to last much longer and remember our formers are fully machined using CNC lathes to give greater accuracy when making perfect bends. This means that you can keep your work to an incredibly high standard without dealing with the stress of repairs or replacing your tools.

If you’ve ever experienced any of these issues, Benditnow is the perfect company for you. With years of experience dealing with the electrical and plumbing trade, their expert team can sort the perfect pipe bending machine for you. Get in touch through our website, or call us on 07795 065174 for a quote today.