BHB-15/22 (15-22mm Hand Bender)

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15-22mm Hand Bender, UK Manufactured

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  • Used in plumbing installation
  • Precision machined aluminium formers and guides
  • Bends 15mm and 22mm copper pipe with included formers and guides
  • Manufactured in UK

This British Manufactured product is the only one of its kind on the market today, for bending 15 & 22mm copper tube

Precision machined and assembled in the UK, lightweight and compact for any job.

Each hand bender has quality parts fitted and the formers are the only ones to have fully machined working faces, giving greater accuracy and ease of use when performing bends, we also include the angle markings which we know are preferred by all colleges and tradesmen.

The price has been set at a level that is extremely competitive when you compare all other brands are simply sourcing the product from the Far East or India and are NOT passing any reductions on to you.

We have years of experience in this field and we were the last Hilmor UK manufacturer of these products.

The unit naturally comes complete with precision 15 & 22mm aluminium guides, and we have a full spares selection.

The bender will produce sets, offsets, and multiple bends in tubes of a maximum diameter of 22mm, and is particularly suitable for small heating systems.

The capacities are Copper BS2871 15-22mm, Stainless Steel BS4127 15mm, Mild Steel BS4152 15mm

We have previously supplied our products to colleges and have had a great response from the students.


Please note our range of pipe bending machines are capable of bending material which fall within BSEN1057 (copper pipe) or BS4568 (conduit steel) specification or the latest equivalent at this date. No guarantee is made outside of these specifications and in all cases it is the customer who must check with their supplier that the material is capable of being bent on a manual bender.

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