How To Buy

You can buy from us using a debit/credit card by ordering online through this site or over the phone by calling 07795065174.

If you are ordering online, payment will be via PayPal. We believe Paypal is the most flexible and secure way for people to buy online.

Please note you DO NOT need to sign up for a PayPal account to use your debit/credit card. when you arrive on the PayPal page just click on ‘Pay with a debit or credit card’ and fill in your card details.

Online Buying Process

Step 1

Browse for items that you wish to buy and click ‘add to cart’. If you only wish to buy one item click ‘Proceed to checkout’. If you would like to buy more items click ‘Continue shopping’.

Step 2

When you have finished adding items to your cart click ‘Proceed to checkout’.

Step 3

Fill in your details and click ‘Next’. Please note this is the billing address and must be the same address that the card you are using is registered to. If you wish to use a different shipping address untick the ‘Use the same address as for billing’ box and enter your shipping address details.

If you wish to change any information click the paper and pencil icon next to the address.

Step 4

If you have a special offer to take advantage of enter your coupon code and click ‘Add’.

Step 5

Check all your order details are correct and click ‘Next’. You will now be directed to PayPal.

Step 6

If you have an existing PayPal account click ‘Pay with my PayPal account’. If you do not wish to use a PayPal account click ‘Pay with a debit or credit card’ enter your card details and click continue.

You should receive an email to the email address that you provided confirming your order.

If you are still unsure about ordering online please call us on 07795065174. We will be happy to talk you through the process or take your order over the phone.

Thank You for using