Is investing in a pipe bender worth it? To answer this question, consider the consequences of not using one. Architecture can be complex – meaning you may have to work around curved walls or corners.

Proceed anyway – without using the appropriate equipment – and you’ll risk a range of issues. Let’s look at these potential problems to weigh up how much time a pipe bender could save you.

Do you really want weak and leaking pipes?

Ideally not. This is a problem your customers won’t want to experience and one you’d rather not have to fix. But investing in anything less than the best copper pipe bender could have a serious effect on the quality of your work.

A cheap bender could cause structural damage to the pipes, adversely affecting their integrity. If the pipes are old, they’ll have weakened over time – and so could become ruptured, creating an expensive and time-consuming problem for you to mend.

Appearance matters almost as much as performance

Ultimately, you want efficiently functioning pipes. But as a tradesperson who takes pride in their job, you’d also like your finished work to create the best impression. Do you really want to leave behind pipes covered in bumps, lumps, and dents?

It’s not just about how much time a pipe bender could save you; it’s about doing the job well and creating a professional first impression with your customers too.

Avoid cheap pipe bending machines

A low-quality pipe bender will lose its ability to function effectively and efficiently over time. This will give rise to some of the problems discussed already – and a range of other unwanted issues you’d prefer to avoid.

Think about how much money you’d have to spend on replacement parts and repairs, all because you under-invested in your pipe bending machinery. Wouldn’t you prefer to spend a bit more and enjoy peace of mind – knowing your components would last longer and provide superior accuracy when creating bends?

Take care of your pipe bender

Even high-quality machinery needs to be serviced and maintained. Otherwise you could still experience costly and time-consuming issues further down the line.

As a guide:

  • Make sure your formers are cleaned regularly – so they are free of grit or dirt, which might otherwise compromise the efficiency of your equipment.
  • Lubricate your pipe bender, in particular around the rollers and using something as inexpensive and simple as WD40.
  • The edges of your bender are the most delicate part of the mechanism so keep them well-maintained to ensure the longevity of your product.
  • Periodically nip the centre bolt on your copper pipe bender to keep it clean and fully functioning.

Just think how much time a pipe bender could save if you invested in a high-quality machine and took proper care of it. It could be one of the best investments you made.

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