If you’ve been tempted by copper pipe benders at knockdown prices, have you considered the hidden costs? Here’s why you should think twice about buying cheap imports and buy British when you’re next in the market for a pipe bending machine.

Better quality

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you open the container door and finally come face to face with your new tube bending machine? With foreign imports, it can be impossible to know what the quality is like until the product has been shipped and you’re actually using it.

That inferior quality can mean you end up repurchasing the same unit in a few months’ time when the original fails. Isn’t it time you invested in homegrown quality that comes from a generational skills base with a great pedigree?

Buy British to help out

There are so many advantages to buying tube benders the UK manufactured and finished. Investing in homegrown skilled craftsmanship keeps British workers in jobs and their skills in the UK.

It’s a great way to help out the British economy and you can purchase with a clear conscience. It all adds up to high-quality equipment from a brand you can trust.

Reducing environmental impact

Foreign goods have a huge carbon footprint and that’s an important consideration when the country is looking to be carbon net-zero by 2050. Buy British and you’re reducing emissions and waste.

At Bend It Now we’re proud to be a trusted British brand and we recycle cardboard and plastic where we can. Why pay the hidden costs of foreign imports when you can buy from us? To find out more, contact us today.