If you’re looking for conduit bending machines and other copper pipe bending tools, you are in luck. Our products at
Bend It Now are made to the highest quality and we have a discount running for a limited time on our BE25 range to rival any overseas offering. Today, we’re sharing some facts to explain why you should go with a UK manufacturer as opposed to an alternative overseas.

Keeping Skills & Jobs at Home:

We are very proud to be British and make British products. By keeping our skills close to home we can keep our people in jobs along with the support this offers to local communities.

With decades of experience, we are passionate about keeping our trade and skills in the UK and avoid the current issues of worldwide travel and logistics.

Did you know that we are the only tube bender manufacturers here in the UK?

High-Quality Pipe Bending Machine UK

Our products are made to stringent regulations which may not be guaranteed from overseas machinery. With us, you know exactly what you’re getting every time so there won’t be that nervous moment when you are opening the packaging.

Not only are our products top-notch, but our customer service is too.

We have over 35 years of experience and are very pleased to be able to share our knowledge with our customers.

Putting The Planet First:

We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions wherever possible, such as recycling our cardboard and plastic and reducing the air miles needed to create our products. Where possible, we source components locally and every step of the manufacturing process takes place in the UK.

All of these points come together to serve one purpose: consistent, high quality and value for money pipe bending machinery.

When you shop with us you can expect the very best.

Contact us for any questions, we can not wait to speak with you.