If you are in the business of working with pipes, you will understand the importance of owning a high-quality pipe bending machine. Pipes aren’t always straight and will often need to be bent to fit around corners or curved spaces. Having the right pipe bending machine can prevent a range of common problems, such as leaks, weakness and the break down of pipes. A quality pipe bending machine for sale will help to keep your pipes lasting longer.

The majority of tube bending companies are overseas. However, high-quality pipe bending machines can also be found here in the UK. BendItNow is a British company that supplies UK made pipe bending machines. Here are ten reasons you should invest in a British tube bending machine.

Lower import costs

Pipe bending machines brought in from overseas often have high import costs, particularly as this type of machinery can be physically large and heavy. The amount of money saved by buying foreign can sometimes be undone through import tax alone.

Supporting local businesses

Help keep jobs in your local community by buying engineering equipment from Britain.

High-quality manufacturing

Britain has a strong reputation for producing high-quality engineering equipment, made to the highest of standards and exacting tolerances.

Service and maintenance

Locally manufactured machinery is easier to service and maintain, as you’ll have easy access to the manufacturer if anything goes wrong.

Training and support

Buying machines from a local firm means you have access to engineering experts that made them.

Save the environment

Buying from the UK means fewer environmental resources are needed to transport and service your equipment.

Encourage engineering talent

You’ll be supporting local jobs, as well as helping to nurture homegrown engineering talent and education.


In the unlikely event your machine should break, it can be quickly and easily replaced.

Sourcing parts

Parts can be replaced easily if you find that you need a spare.

Celebrate our heritage

The UK’s engineering industry was driven by the country’s invention skills and natural resources. Play a part in supporting this heritage by buying a tube bending machine from the UK.