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BUNI Universal Bending Machine

BUNI Universal Bending Machine
£ 600,00 (£ 500,00 excl VAT) each

Why buy an imported pipe bender when you can buy a High Quality British Manufactured Product at an amazing price and certainly cheaper than many importers and from the company that used to produce the Hilmor brand before they moved production abroad?


  • Used in electrical and plumbing installation
  • Precision machined aluminium formers and guides
  • Bends 20mm and 25mm conduit with included formers
  • Bends 15mm, 22mm and 28mm copper pipe with included formers and guides
  • 16mm former available separately
  • 35mm former and guide available separately
  • Pipe vice included
  • Soft grip extension lever included
  • Manufactured in UK

The BUNI Universal Bending Machine will bend 20mm and 25mm galvanised and black enamel conduit. It will also bend 15mm, 22mm and 28mm copper pipe and it is equally capable of bending light gauge stainless steel and mild steel pipe.

A 16mm former or a 35mm former and guide are sold separately to allow the bending of 16mm conduit and 35mm copper pipe.

The formers and guides are precision machined aluminium for improved accuracy and ease of use throughout the bend.

The BUNI Universal Bending Machine is supplied with a quality pipe vice and carrying handle for ease of transportation.

This machine is manufactured in the UK by the last British manufacturer of the Hilmor brand of bending machines, spares and accessories.

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